Our life is driven by the impulse of desire. We follow our dreams to achieve goals through life. However, where is the object of desire coming from? Is something that we decide or is a social construction we learn through education and culture?

As a male person born in the mid 80´s, I was taught to desire women and money; success as a synonym of possessing these two “things”.

We constantly struggle to get them and finally achieving happiness. So, in western society, the way to satisfaction is through the accumulation of possessions. We give our time in exchange for money to achieve this unreachable joy. Desire is always unfulfilled. If we are willing to give our lives for reaching our desires, and desire is an artificial construction, then, is it freedom real? Or slavery has been hidden behind the shifting of language?

In the art field, the logic is the same: we constantly are in the search for success. It seems that this enjoyment is reachable when we finally understand the meaning of art and we produce a “good work of art”. Nevertheless, nobody knows what is the meaning of it. We give for granted the existence of a consensus about the meaning of the word. We are afraid of ontological questions because the nature of them will lead as to a non-logical answer. Art seems to be part of the social sciences, thus, there is no place for such venture. The scientific method is distorting the way we approach it.

Loop is a short film which works as an allegory of these concerns. The death of the character is a metaphor for the relations between desire and slavery present in our society.