​This short documentary exposes the work of Kichwa Hatari, a weekly radio program, the first in the indigenous Kichwa language in the U.S, that aims at reaching the Quechua/Kichwa population in the United States, particularly in New York.

It was founded and is currently produced by a team of diverse individuals, Segundo J. Angamarca, Luis Antonio Lema, Fabian Muenala, Charlie Uruchima, and Jenny Angamarca in the Summer of 2015. The program’s founding rose from an awareness by its founders of the social and cultural issues confronted by Kichwa migrants in New York City: issues stemming from a lack of cultural sensitivity in institutions like courts, schools, and hospitals (e.g. lack of Kichwa interpreters).

Today, Kichwa Hatari is blending radio and community work into a one-of-a-kind project that is as much about revolutionizing radio airwaves as it is about cultural/linguistic empowerment and grassroots social organizing.